July 21, 2014

(Part 3)

We saw a 3D movie which wasn’t super great but I still jumped 100 times because 3D always freaks me out hahaha My sweets attempted the ladder game but its way harder than it looks! Got my favourite snack yummy little donuts!!! Wayne and I posed with the donut man (didn’t want him to be jealous over the pizza man) Then of course pictures with a less fuzzy snoopy than earlier in the day, but still very much a snoopy!!
Asker Anonymous Asks:
You honestly look like a really sweet girl and I'd love to be your friend one day! I hope you had a nice day. You deserve to be happy.
huxleychimes huxleychimes Said:

Who is you?!
I am very happy, so thank you ^_^

I also hope you had a nice day!

July 29, 2014

Today we celebrated my moms birthday! Her actual birthday is on Wednesday but my dad works shift work so today was the day!
My boyfriend made super yummy chicken fettichini Alfredo for dinner. Got momma a gift box from Lush, a new top and book light! (She’s easy to buy for because I would want the exact same things). When we were in the garage I found an old build a snowman kit and tried it on, mr speedy of course took a silly photo!
We went out tonight to pick up a thingy to hold my iPad and keyboard and my boyfriend picked me up the cutest necklace with his initial on it! Eee, I love it!
Bonus -a lameo selfie

Asker huxleychimes Asks:
I really enjoy following your blog so happy birthday, hope you have a great day!!
huxleychimes huxleychimes Said:


aww thanks!

You’re very welcome!

July 21, 2014

(Part Two)

Some pictures of the park that Wayne took, a dinosaur, us on the horse tornado, Wayne being real cool and a bunch of ticket things my boyfriend won so we could skip lines. He also won for us to go on the Xtreme Skyflyer and a Fast Lane bracelet!

July 21, 2014

(Wonderland Part One)

I went to Canada’s Wonderland with my boyfriend (maplecreepypasta), brother (onsideseven) and my momma.
The first few pictures are us just being silly having a quick stop on the way up. Then Wayne and I being the Behemoth vs Leviathan. Posed with the super cool pizza guy and then Waynie’s sunglasses broke (in case you were wondering, he fixed them but while they were broken I thought he looked like the Governor from The Walking Dead).
OH YEAH and we saw Snoopy!

Okay I’m finally getting around to posting pictures from July 21st when we went to wonderland.



by Blaire Bercy


So worth the watch just for the little girl giving it her all screamin!