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Wow, your Anna cosplay is incredible. How does that not have more notes? I hope you got some fame or recognition for that. Seriously, good job.
huxleychimes huxleychimes Said:

Oh my, thanks a lot! It was super fun. I’m going to get to play Anna at a birthday party in a month, so thats pretty exciting. I appreciate the comment! That was really sweet of you to say :)

Recent selfies - requested 

Heres some selfies (mostly from Photo Booth lol) These are all from the past 6 months. Enjoy, I guess haha! 

Thanks for the request, anon! 

I got a message yesterday from an anonymous person requesting that I do a “Selfie Montage.” I asked them how many photos this should include and they said 10-20. So I’ve decided to post 10 old selfies and 10 recents. 
They told me to pick some favourites so here they are! 

Old Selfie Photoset - requested 

1- 2009
2- 2013
3- 2011
4- 2012
5- 2012
6- 2013
7- 2013
8- 2012
9- 2013
10- 2013

September 18, 2014

Yay! My boyfriend finally got a day off! 
We went to the music/sound store so he picked up a few more new goodies. As you can see, he is quite pleased about it haha! 
Then we went for a late lunch at Dennys. Of course I had breakfast even though it was 4 in the afternoon. I just can’t bring myself to order lunch/dinner when I go to Dennys, unless its mozzarella sticks. Damn that was yummy… 
He won me a lion out of the claw machine! He’s pretty cute

Spent the rest of the night watching tv shows while he played with his new stuff! Fun times.. gosh I’m a TV junkie sometimes.. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Doesn't matter! Whatever you want, it's also about YOU seeing how pretty you are. :)
huxleychimes huxleychimes Said:

Wow, you are a very kind anon. I really appreciate what you’re saying :) thanks for making me smile. I will make that post tomorrow!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Like 10-20 of your favourite selfies ?
huxleychimes huxleychimes Said:

Alright anon! Just for you I will do this. Now one more question, do you want all recent or my favourites from the past year or two?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You should do a masterpost of all your favourite selfies!
huxleychimes huxleychimes Said:

Oh should I? How many should this master post include?