July 21, 2014

Went to Canada’s Wonderland with my boyfriend, brother and my momma. My boyfriend and I decided to try out the Xtreme Skyflyer after winning it through one of the games in the park. It was so scary and so amazing and just so.. GREAT! I’m really glad we got to do it together. 
Here’s a video I’ve uploaded to my youtube channel. Check it out! 

Also, this DailyKatie is going to be a few photo sets - so prepare yourselves!

July 20, 2014

Today was a quiet day. I played a bunch of the Sims 3 in the morning and literally spent the rest of the day watching Lost.
I went to Tim Hortons and ordered a small ice Capp and the gave me a large so that was pretty cool. Getting ready for Wonderland tomorrow with my family!
(Sorry a bit behind on my daily posts here.. I had this saved in my drafts and forgot to post it)


Porter growing up

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July 19, 2014

Busy busy day today! My boyfriend, brother and I helped my aunt move into her new house. Busy busy, but there was free beer and subs.. (not that I drank any lol)
Then had quick nap and dinner and it was off to babysit for the evening. Showed the kids some sparklers, super fun! Oh and the first picture is him yelling at Maple to say cheese (kids are hilarious sometimes). 

Most importantly, today is mine and my boyfriends 7 months together! Eeee… I’m so happy. I won’t go too mushy here don’t worry. 
Wasn’t a great day celebrating together or anything but hey I think I’m the only person who probably thinks a month-aversary is something to celebrate. Either way you can’t change my mind so HA! Anyways, he rocks and wonderland with my family on monday - woohoo! 

The Sims is taking forever to download. It’s driving me nuts-o! 

July 18, 2014

A very very relaxing day!
I sent my boyfriend a face on Skype and didn’t realize how crazy it looked hahah but I loved it!
We cuddled my cat Flops and watched lots and lots of Lost. Then we got burritos because I was craving one SO badly..
Then I got another sweet little message on Skype from Maple