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What is your dream hair? And also, is there a clothing style you really want to wear?
huxleychimes huxleychimes Said:

I’ve always wanted to be able to pull off long blonde hair (hasn’t everyone though) but it doesn’t really work with my black eyebrows lol! If I could have any hair right now, I would choose a very dark cool brown and would love for it to be just past my shoulders.. 3/4 inches longer than it is now!
As for style I’m very casual but I really do want to get into wearing more jewelry and accessories. Also, using more colour in my wardrobe would be fun! I still really like basic items like jeans, blazers, cardigans etc but just with a little pizazz but still clean and nice looking :D

Thanks so much for asking! Please keep any questions coming


I know it’s late but it is here now! Go check it out! ^_^
(This was filmed on Tuesday August 19, 2014)

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do the boyfriend tag with Maple for tube tuesday
huxleychimes huxleychimes Said:

Now this my kind friends is a very good suggestion! 

Keep ‘em coming! ^_^

August 21, 2014

Woo! Today my boyfriend and I went on a hike to Rock Dunder, my favourite hiking spot and he filmed the ice bucket challenge! You can find the video on his youtube channel MapleCreepyPasta and see my accidentally hit him in the head with the super giant super heavy cooler. I really didn’t mean to.. it was just way heavier than I was expecting! Go check that out to have a good laugh.. Also, we are wearing matching bathing suits in the video which is really cool! 

I also got my computer back today from being fixed so I am really exciting because I am currently editing a bunch of Tube Tuesday videos! As you can see in the above photos I am very happy to be doing so but very flustered with iMovie. But all is well! 

Great day.. oh and my dad played Five Nights at Freddy’s and it was pretty hilarious. 

I’m so happy! Even though Tube Tuesday is only like 4.5 days away I am still going to try and upload a couple for you this weekend so make up for the delay! Then I will get on track with uploading every Tuesday after that. 
Please don’t hesitate to send video suggestions because I’d love to know what you would all like to see from me! 


Me doing the ice bucket challenge, and my girlfriend giving me a concussion with the bucket. Thanks for the nomination Wellheyproductions

Oh goodness.. make me feel bad or what! I really didn’t hit you on purpose.. it was really heavy and clumsy me stumbled.. I’m sorry :(

Everybody check out my boyfriends ALSicebucketchallenge, since he nominated me mine will be up tomorrow! 

August 20, 2014

DailyKatie is late sorry! I didn’t post yesterday because it was one of those days where ya just wanna stay in bed in quiet peace.
I watched Maple play some games and then we went to Burger King for whopper Wednesday so that was fun!
By late night I was feeling a bit better and just listened to creepypasta in bed with my lover!
I think today is going to be a good day though!

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Damn I was so excited for Tube Tuesday ;-; but I hope your computer will get fixed soon
huxleychimes huxleychimes Said:

Anon, you rock!!
I’m doing my very best. I’m really happy that you’re excited about Tube Tuesday and I’ll try my very hardest to get it out as soon as I can for you! I think everyone should message maple and tell him to help me make it on his computer ;) just kidding.. But not really…

My computer is broken and hopefully currently getting fixed. Therefore I can’t make my video.
It really sucks and I’m quite upset about it because I was really excited to get this started.
When my computer is fixed it will be uploaded ASAP.

If you all still want tube Tuesday to happen let me know!

I’m sorry guys..