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Last picture post, I promise.. gotta have those selfies of course! ^^

Any thoughts?

Here’s a couple full body shots of my new Anna cosplay! Again, sorry for the low quality pictures and for uploading so many.. I’m just really happy and excited about this.

A couple pictures of just the costume on. I can’t believe how great it turned out! (Please don’t mind the crappy photo quality and my messy room)

It’s hard to see but I did my makeup for Anna. I used brown eyeliner for freckles, light pink lip gloss, brown eyebrow pencil, black eyeliner and black mascara. As far as I can tell thats all Anna needs!

The custom made Anna cosplay costume and wig I ordered arrived this evening at the post office so I get to pick it up after class tomorrow!

I’ve bought costumes before but this is the first one I’ve spent this much money on and actually was able to send my measurements for a custom made fit.
I’m so super excited but I’m also really nervous because even though I measured and re measured myself a dozen times I’m still worried I messed up and it might not fit! But hey, if it doesn’t, I’ll make it fit… somehow! 

I’ll be posting pictures asap tomorrow ^^

This is my boyfriend, there’s a snake in his boot!
Reason #1000001 as to why I love him!

Watching Toy Story with my boyfriend! Super happy, we also just finished Frozen (again)

I may or may not have a problem looking up and pretend planning my dream future Disney wedding