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Latie Katie

Disney Magical World - 3DS

This new game came out yesterday, and I really want to play it.
There is also the super sweet looking 3DS that got released for the game as well.. Jeez Nintendo, what are you trying to do to me? I just bought the Zelda 3DS a couple months ago!!
I have no idea what to expect from the game but it’s nintendo and Disney.. AKA a must have.
Has anyone played it yet? Thoughts?

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First pay cheque from my new job assisted in purchasing Disney Infinity! I haven’t really figured the whole game out yet.. I’m still a little foggy about what to do. From what I have played it’s been super fun! My favourite character to play as so far is Rapunzel. With that said, I really enjoy a majority of the others as well! Ralph’s fists sure to wreck-it and jacks pumpkins that he throws are super neat!
Any time for playing this game? Anything I should know? Anything you like to share?

Youtube Channel!

For a long time I’ve really wanted to make a youtube channel. Mind you I have made a few posted a video or two but then because I wasn’t feeling satisfied I deleted them all. I really love Disney, especially Disney music. I love dressing up in costumes of characters and getting a chance to jump into their world.. (plus it is just super cool) So I have an idea sorta but some input on it would be great!

Hear me out..
I’m going to make a channel to cover music. Mainly it’s going to be Disney but eventually I’m thinking it could become other types of movies as well.. so sountrack covers. I’ll totally wear the wigs and the costumes and hopefully with the assistance of a great brother and boyfriend I can make this pretty cool.

I have a youtube channel called KatieNorrisMusic. Should I keep it as that? Or change it? Should I have another channel for other music like whats on the radio? Or just make different playlists?

Would any watch these videos? I really want to do this, I just hope you’ll all like them!

If I did this I wouldn’t be for a couple weeks though. I’m already planning and picking so many songs but I have to wait to order wigs and costumes and practice the music!

This was that time I was Pocahontas! I really want to get back into making/buying costumes and making Youtube videos to go along with them… that would be fun! So many options for characters and songs!!

I watched Frozen earlier this afternoon with my boyfriend. Before watching I really had no idea what it was all about.. I mean I know Elsa turns things to ice and that the prince is the villain..but other than that I didn’t know much.
I can’t say I loved it but I didn’t dislike it either. I really liked how the true love at the end was between siblings instead of romantic lovers. I lost slight interest during part of it from when Anna got her winter clothes until Elsa was imprisoned. I loved the beginning, I will admit it brought me to tears (Anna being young and having great memories with her sister and then nothing.. I mean that is sad. They showed the progression quite well though, having her knock on Elsa’s door at different age stages.)

I liked the characters, I liked the music, I liked the animation.. I just didn’t like how it didn’t even touch some Disney movies. (FYI - Out of ‘recent’ ones I am a Tangled fan.)

Don’t hate me for not loving it and I’m sorry if there were any spoilers. I just thought I’d share my small little mixed up opinion. My favorite part by far was the appreciation for sibling love.. I know those feels! (My brother rocks!)